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Rusty Halo Productions

Connect with your audience through inspiring visual storytelling

Rusty Halo Productions is an award winning Canadian-owned film production company located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Rusty Halo Productions is committed to bringing the stories of misfit characters to the world, and aims to establish itself as an innovative leader of independent films. 

As a mixed race differently abled woman, representation is important to the company. With each production, Rusty Halo offers mentorship training, and hiring of women and other marginalized people in all roles, with the goal to foster not only a stronger film community, but making better shows that include diversity of voices.

Current projects on the company’s slate include “Armchair Traveller”, a comedic feature film, “Chick-a-duck”, a preschool series and “The Lightkeepers”, a coming of age motion comic.

Origin of Rusty Halo

As a child, Rebeka Herron was constantly pushing boundaries (and getting into trouble). Her Granny mused she had a “Rusty Halo” – no matter what mischief she created, she always managed to emerge an "innocent" angel. Today, Rusty Halo Productions continues to challenge limits by fostering high concept, misfit stories featuring unique characters that challenge our views of the world.



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40 Queen St. East

Sault Ste Marie, ON, Canada

+1 705-542-8577

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